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Non Metallic Safety Boots are a lightweight alternative to safety boots with steel toe caps, ideal for anyone looking for a pair of safety boots with added comfort. Explore our range of Non Metallic Safety Boots for sale at Snickers Direct now. 
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Cofra Montserrat GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Product Showcase Demo Product Showcase Demo × ..
Cofra Modigliani Black Metal Free Safety Boots
Cofra Modigliani Black Metal Free Safety BootsModel: Cofra Modigliani Black DescriptionThe Cofr..
Cofra Safest Black Cold Protection Safety Wellingtons
Cofra Safest Black Wellington BootsModel: Cofra Safest DescriptionThe Cofra Safest Black are mo..
Cofra Thermic Green Metatarsal Safety Boots
Cofra Thermic Green Safety WellingtonsModel: THERMICGREEN DescriptionThe Cofra Thermic are meta..
Cofra Weddell Metal Free Safety Boots
Cofra Weddell Metal Free Safety BootsModel: Cofra Weddell DescriptionThe Cofra Weddell is a ver..
Jallatte Jalarcher Black Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalarcher Black Safety BootsModel: JJV28- DescriptionThe Jalllatte Jalarcher is made f..
Amblers FS38C Black Safety Shoes
Amblers FS38C Safety Shoes Model: FS38C DescriptionNon metallic safety shoe from our budget ran..
Jallatte Jalsiberien GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalsiberien GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJV33 DescriptionJalsiberien Safety boot uses ..
Rock Fall Denver Metal Free Safety Boots
Rock Fall Denver Metal Free Safety Boots Model: TC1070/-   Description Part of the family o..
Amblers FS34C Blue/Grey Safety Trainers
Amblers Composite Safety TrainersModel: FS34C DescriptionStylish unisex safety trainer with com..
Amblers FS40C Black Safety Trainers
Amblers Black Safety TrainersModel: FS40C DescriptionStylish safety trainer with a lightweight..
Cofra Baranof UK Cold Protection Safety Boots
Cofra Baranof UK Thinsulate Lined Rigger BootsModel: BARANOF-UK- DescriptionThe Cofra Baranof U..
Cofra Hata Metal Free Safety Shoes
Cofra Hata White Safety ShoesModel: Hata S3 CI SRC DescriptionWhite water repellent slip-on sho..
Jallatte Jalosbern Composite Safety Boots J0662
Jallatte Jalosbern Composite Safety BootsModel: J0662- DescriptionThe Jallatte Jalosbern is a t..
Jallatte Jalroche GORE-TEX Safety Boots JJV01
Jallatte Jalroche GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJV01 DescriptionJalroche Safety boot uses a uniq..
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